About Us

Ocean Acoustics Ltd was founded in 2016 by Dr. Matt Pine. Dr. Pine holds a Ph.D in Marine Science and specialises in underwater acoustics and how underwater sound influences marine life. Dr. Pine has spent the last 10 years working in the areas of:
• the impacts of underwater noise on sensitive marine life;
• underwater sound source identification and localisation;
• underwater sound propagation and impact modelling;
• the utilisation of sound to identify underwater machinery
• underwater air-gun noise propagation; and
• assisting local Councils determine noise levels and limits for
underwater construction developments, including developing
assessment criteria.

Ocean Acoustics Ltd has undertaken several projects globally, including:
• characterising tidal turbine sound emissions and determining the predicted area of impact on marine mammals in the United Kingdom;
• assessing vessel noise impacts on marine mammals in Hong Kong SAR;
• researching the effects of anthropogenic noise on fish and marine mammals in PR China;
• developing a method for vessel identification and movement tracking in Australia;
• passive acoustic habitat monitoring on coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean;
• sound propagation modelling associated with the development of tidal turbines and the potential impact on marine life in New Zealand;
• verifying underwater air-gun noise limits and associated marine mammal presence in New Zealand;
• acoustic monitoring to model the impacts of vessel traffic and climate change on fish and marine mammals in the western Canadian arctic; and
• acoustic monitoring of glass sponge coral reefs and near-shore habitats to provide information on the status and health of the communities living on these ecosystems in B.C., Canada.