We are a community of experts that specialise in the measurement, assessment and monitoring of underwater noise from biological, physical and anthropogenic noise sources.

Our services include:

  • Data analysis services for any data acquisition system (SoundTrap, IcListen, AMAR, HARP, Song Meter, Aural-M2, PORPOISE, CPOD, National Instruments and more). Whether only a few days of recordings or several years, continuous or duty-cycled, we can process your data so you can focus on the results!
  • Advanced acoustic propagation modelling in all aquatic environments.
  • Biological effects (such as injury/hearing loss, behavioural and auditory masking in marine mammals and fish) modelling from shipping, pile-driving, marine dredging, seismic surveys, drilling and renewable energy devices.
  • Sound source verification surveys, including those required for ground-truthing acoustic propagation models.
  • Passive acoustic monitoring of ambient soundscapes, including marine mammals, fish and anthropogenic noises.
  • Soundscape analyses, including noise budgets.
  • Marine mammal monitoring using acoustics.
  • Automated detections of sound sources, including vessels, marine mammals, fish and construction activities.
  • Sound-source localisation and tracking.
  • Detection, classification and tracking of recreational and commercial vessels.
  • Underwater noise assessments for environmental impact assessments/resource consent applications.
  • Monitoring underwater machinery noise to assess on-going performance.
  • Designing and performing scientific experiments to investigate underwater noise effects on marine mammals and fish.

Have a large ongoing project with a lot of data? Talk to us about creating a bespoke program you can install on your computer for your data analysis!